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New Droid Commercial Says The iPhone Is For Princesses

Verizon released a new advert for Motorola Droid , and to be honest i kinda like this commercials, and i absolutely love that Apple finally feels the cold breath of their competitors.This way, we might see a major major update in the next gen iPhone..

As we reported a few weeks ago, Droid sales were way low in the first couple of days since launch, but Verizon keeps on fighting the giant Apple.So far they got two major advantages against the iPhone. If you are a Google user, you basically just enter your email address and that’s it , you are good to go. Isn’t that Apple’s thing: works out of the box? And the second major advantage would be the network coverage.

Like i said above , i love the Droid adverts, but there is a fine line that , i think, Verizon crossed in their latest commercial. I the advert above, they refer to the iPhone as a fashion smartphone, and for princesses therefore only suitable for females. Personally i have a couple of problems with this ad.

First of all, they really shouldn’t call it a fashion smartphone. Why they call it that? Because of the huge popularity, and because the mainstream media or pop icons embraced it? Well mp3 players existed for 4 or so year, and nobody even considered them. When the iPod came out, it changed the game for ever. Same thing with the iPhone. I feel you’re kinda jealous, and if anything, you should mock other “smartphones” like the Giorgio Armani Samsung. Thats a BS fashion phone.

Second of all, you say that the iPhone is a smartphone for princesses and therefore is only suitable women. Woahh dude, first of all you guys think that a female can’t handle high tech?!?!? You lost some major points here, and guess what, females kinda rule the markets.Second of all, you call the iPhone users “princesses”. Now , do you think you’ll convert iPhone users to your religion by offending them?

Now i know that you consider only the mainstream out of the box iDevices, but you should really take in consideration the jailbreaking community, which grows each day, and a jailbroken iDevice is much more powerful than your Droid.

Hi, we are iPhone users and we feel pretty oh so pretty…