Written by the same mathematician who wrote the HP-12C financial algorithms, Calc-12E marries that undisputed computational heritage with the unique features that make the iPhone the premier tool for business.

• The mathematical backbone of the 12C extended to 15 digits of precision (displays up to 13)
• Bond calculations performed with 15 digit precision
• “Always on” display of the financial registers or the stack. When in bond mode, shows settlement and maturity dates
• Tap to email results. AMORT produces an Excel compatible schedule that sums interest and principal to the penny (an industry first and only)
• Tap to access the FAQ page on the support site
• Tap to change date entry format or payment mode
• Click sound volume is adjustable without changing screens
• Backspace and UNDO
• Depreciation, linear regression, 2 variable statistics, date calculations, NPV and IRR
• 10 direct arithmetic registers, 20 total (always, they don’t get used for programming)
• lightening fast, never ever wait for “running”

The rock solid reliability of the HP-12C — transplanted from the 80s to the modern era

You can buy the app from itunes store for $24.99 here

Or you can download .ipa file here

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