DIY: Make A Busted iPhone Look Brand New

When you got an iPhone, you do whatever it takes to keep it shiny beautiful. You buy a case, a skin, anything to make sure nothing will ever happen to your precious iPhone. Well, yeah… you do that, but not all iPhone owners take really good care of their iDevice and when you want to buy a second-hand iPhone, you will find that lots of them will look like the one in the picture above ( left pic ).

That is exactly what happened to somebody in the MacRumors forums, when he decided to buy a second-hand iPhone:

My previous iPhone was stolen at the gym, low on funds I decided to buy the cheapest iPhone I could find that worked regardless of condition. I found an iPhone 3G that had being completely abused and had a dark spot on the LCD.

The dude bought it anyway, and because he is a badazz mofo, he made it look brand new. The process involves dry sanding, wet sanding, polishing, and replacing the cracked LCD screen with a shiny new one.

You can find the full tutorial here.