The Digital Artist Mac Bundle: A Complete Designer’s Toolkit For Bringing Your Digital Canvas To Life

the-artist-bundle-FSMdotCOMThe Digital Artist Mac Bundle is a complete designer’s toolkit for bringing your canvas to life and consists of 4 apps ( Manga Studio Debut 4, Anime Studio Debut 9, Poser Debut, Voila ) and a bonus app ( PDF2Office Pro ). If you were to buy all the apps separately it would cost you $280, but this bundles come with a 75% off price tag – that’s only $69.

Jump over the break to learn more about the apps included in this bundle…

1. Manga Studio Debut 4: The Easy Way To Create Manga & Comic Art ( $50 )


For the budding cartoon artist, Manga Studio Debut 4 is the best software available. It’s an all-in-one solution for stunning, ready to publish Manga and Comics. A bevy of features allow you to bring your artwork to life and create professional manga and comics from start to finish.


  • #1 Comic Software Worldwide
  • Animation for All Skill Levels
  • Easy to Use Tools for Comic & Manga Artists
  • Includes Character Wizard, Ready-to-Use Content and Tutorials
  • Bring Stories to Life on a Virtual Stage

2. Anime Studio Debut 9: Create Your Own Cartoons & Animations in Minutes $50 )


Anime Studio Debut is fun, easy, and exciting for any age and any skill-level. Don’t be fooled by its entry-level price tag, this is powerful and comprehensive animation software to help your ideas come to life. Plus it includes detailed video tutorials and pre-made content to help you get started right away.


  • Hundreds of New Characters and Included Content
  • Automatic Image Tracing
  • Easy Animation Without Tedious Frame-by-Frame
  • Enhanced, Powerful Drawing Tools

3. Poser Debut: The Fun Way To Learn 3D $50 )


If you’ve ever thought about creating 3D animation, but thought you’d need formal education to learn how, Poser Debut is here to prove you wrong. Even if you can’t draw or have never taken an art class, Poser Debut is the easy way to learn 3D, be creative, and have fun while doing it. Create scenes, add 3D characters, animate them and make cool images or videos.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including an easy to follow, step by step project guide, library of ready to pose 3D characters, props to build scenes, cameras, lights and pre-built poses that can be dropped right onto your characters. Within minutes you can start to render 3D scenes into gorgeous art and cool animations that will impress your family and friends.


  • The easiest way to learn 3D while still having fun
  • Create cool 3D art even if you have never taken an art class.
  • Fully featured software creates still images or animated videos.
  • Includes over a gigabyte of ready-to-go 3D content so you can get started right away.
  • Learn the basics of 3D and 3D character animation with step by step project guide.

4. Voila: The Easy-To-Use Screen Recording & Editing Tool For Your Mac $30 )


Voila is a Video Recording, Image Capturing, Annotating, Organizing and Sharing tool on the Mac platform. It allows you to capture anything or everything on your desktop, menu, webpage, scrolling regions, DOM elements and from iSight or external webcams.


  • Record your desktop with audio. Trim videos using QuickTime and export to various file formats or upload to YouTube/FTP/SFTP.
  • Capture Full screen or shapes like Circular, Rectangular, Polygonal, Freehand and Object capture – all simultaneously. Snap entire webpage, regions, DOM elements and even import your current URL from Safari without leaving the browser.
  • Add Text, Arrow, Line, Shapes, Pencil, Paint, Spray, and Callouts to annotate your images.
  • Use a variety of editing tools like edges, skew, crop, spotlight or filters to give a cool look to your images.
  • All your images are organized by Voila for future reference and editing.
  • Print or share your idea via Mail, iPhoto, Flickr, FTP or SFTP. Also export images toPNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, and BMP formats.

5. PDF2Office Pro: Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OmniGraffle & Other Formats $100 )



PDF2Office converts PDF files and Windows XPS files into editable Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, OmniGraffle, RTF, HTML and other files recreating the intended construction and layout of the document.

PDF2Office forms paragraphs; applies styles; regroups independent graphics elements; extracts images; creates tables; processes headers/footers; endnotes/footnotes and columns/sections, all automatically. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Office, allowing you to directly open PDF documents within Microsoft® Office applications.

PDF2Office allows you to recover and reuse the contents stored in PDF files and Windows XPS files, enhancing workflow automation and productivity.


  • Convert PDF files and XPS files to common Office format files
  • Open PDF documents directly within Microsoft® Office Products
  • Convert PDF documents to graphics files (JPEG, PICT, TIFF) or other image files, and specify compression and resolution settings
  • Simply drag and drop to convert files using PDF2Office’s easy-to-use all-in-one interface
  • Extract text, images and/or other data from specific pages
  • Batch Convert multiple files with one click.

Everything you see above is packed in one sweet bundle and can be your today for only $69 ( that’s 75% off – reg. price $280 ). Get the bundle here.


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