Designers And Publishers Of The ’90s Predicting Tablets And E-Readers [video]

Long before the iPad, Amazon Kindle, Nook, PlayBook, Xoom or any other hot tablet or e-reader existed, designers started putting together their vision of what a digital newspaper tablet would look like. Surprisingly, this electronic newspaper concept from back in 1994 was a near accurate prediction of how print would make the jump to digital.

Designers and publishers in the 1990s even foresaw the need for saving and sharing content — features many digital magazines and newspapers seem to deem unnecessary. This concept tablet might have limited sharing to email, but it’s obvious today’s quicker forms: tweeting, liking and digging would have fit under the same umbrella.

Back in 1994 ‘they’ predicted that we’d be reading our newspapers on tablets electronically in 10-15 years. Well, 17 years later and we’re living in 1994’s future.

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[via dvice]