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First Look: Cydia For iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 is about to drop, and you know what that means. Other than the whiners that “accidentally” update, what it really means is new jailbreak.  There’s been some talk that Cydia wasn’t quite ready for the new firmware, but ready or not here it is.

The most noticeable update is that now, on the iPad, Cydia recognizes all device orientations, instead of being locked into portrait mode. The iPad version also utilizes more of the native iPad feel, by using UIPopovers to present the different views as you are loading and choosing packages. With more physical screen real-estate, installed packages and sources were given there own tabs.

The iPhone version didn’t get many UI changes, mainly the way some views transition when installing packages. A new selector when choosing filters is about the most drastic. The iphone version, does not support landscape.

As far as under the hood changes, we can’t comment on those, because we have no information on those kind of enhancements, but it does feel a little snappier. That could be just wishful thinking.