Cydia Appstore Phishing Scam

Remember when i warned you, a few months back , about the Crackulous scam on Twitter and Installous Scam on Twitter ? Those guys were the right scammers at the right time . at the right place. Some of you even “bought” Crackulous. I feel sorry for those of you who bought Crackulous, but on the other hand , you deserve it!

Anyway, now it’s time for someone to bet on people’s naivity and create a phishing site. The site is pure doo-doo , with an early to mid 90’s look. Kinda reminds me of the geocities BS sites that you could find all over the net a while back.

They basically got 3 amazon affiliate links , a 4 block google ads banner and 3 screenshots of the real Cydia appstore, which you can find on , well… Cydia. Nothing wrong so far, besides the look and feel.But right in the middle of the page you can see this : customer or developer . Both of those words are linked to an email address. Customer is linked to customer at , and developer is linked to developer at .

I have no idea what will happen if you send them an email. Maybe they will start bargain with you about the fees that you need to pay as a developer in order for your app to be featured in the Cydia Appstore. That doesn’t bother me ; if you’re a developer, and you can code something, but you can think for yourself… or better yet question this site, than , no offense, but im happy that people like this takes your money.

What bothers me is the customer part. I dont understand how it works. D0 i send them an email and i tell them i want a certain app, and they will make it available in the Cydia Store if i pay them a small fee? Why should i bother emailing them for that, i got at least 5 dudes sitting on the corner right now that can do that for me. Just ask, and tomorrow , i get what i want. Professional scammers and phishers ( its that how you call them dudes that practice phishing ?!?! ) , i understand. It’s an art, and it can fool even the trained eye. But this?!?!?! Really SHAME on you , if you get scammed by something like this….

PS : i almost forgot about this. On the very top of the page , you will find a Google Custom Searchbar. Yeah… that will bring the proffessionalism , that je ne sais quoi to the site that will gain people’s trust and make them say ” here’s my money”