Cydia Appstore – End of Cydia As We Know It???

Although this is a great great news especially for devs which have met the ridiculous Apple Appstore TOS, and other BS that i won’t talk about ( you know ) , this can also mean the end of something that has been so kind to us. What exactly will happen with our beloved Cydia, i have no idea for now, but something tells me, things as we know and love will suffer a dramatic change in the next month or so. Being said that, i dont know about you, but i was sure there was a marketing strategy planned for Cydia right from the begining.

Such a great platform is a terrible thing to waist , monetary wise. Oh well, tomorrow when we will wake up , will see if we are still breathing…

iClarified report :

Saurik has announced that a Cydia Store for jailbroken iPhones will be launched tomorrow.

The official announcement of the Cydia Store was made at 360|iDev, complete with demo of social packaging: comments via Facebook Connect!

The Cydia Store is about providing a simpler billing channel to buy the already commercial applications in Cydia, like Snapture.

With many iPhone applications being rejected by Apple’s approval process, developers are searching for an alternative way to distribute their paid applications. Cydia Store will provide these developers and their customers with a viable solution.