HOW TO: Create An iOS5 WiFi Sync Shortcut. No Jailbreak Required

Since iOS 5 was launched with iTunes Wi-Fi Sync many people have been very happy with their iPhones, iPods and iPads syncing at night while they sleep. However, many times we would like to sync when the device is not plugged in or at a specific time. The amount of button presses to get to the Wi-Fi Sync is just annoying. Recent applications including IconProject and Switcher have reduced the number of button presses for many settings but not Wi-Fi sync, until now.

Just create a new URL link in either of the mentioned apps and use “prefs:root=General&path=iTunes%20Wi-Fi%20Sync” as the URL as shown below in IconProject.

Looking closely at the link you should be able to replace the “iTunes%20Wi-Fi%20Sync” with any of the settings items you see on the settings page for additional shortcuts to specific settings but this is one people have been asking for.

Enjoy WiFi syncing with just two taps and follow @MikeFerguson19 for hopefully more helpful Apple tips.