Conspiracy Theory: iPhone DevTeam Works For Apple

MuscleNerd posted a screenshot of a quite intriguing thread , which imply that the DevTeam works for Apple.

MuscleNerd posted a screenshot of a quite intriguing thread ( by the looks of it from the Apple forum?!?! ) , which imply that the DevTeam works for Apple. The thread presents a few fair reasons why he/she ( whoever posted ) thinks that the DevTeam is actually Apple. Click on the pic below to enlarge it and read it.


If you didn’t realize it by now, Apple doesn’t sell products. They sell unknown needs, they sell a cult, they sell the future. When the iPhone came out , they basically crushed the mobile market. Today after all this years, they are still leading the market , with the exception of the android phones which will be HUGE in the near future; but hey, that means competition, and we as consumers are the only ones that will benefit from it to the fullest.

So, since Apple is still kinda the only ones on the top of the hill, they aren’t in a hurry to release features. They wait for people to crave for something before they release it. The MMS function is the perfect example here. MMS was nothing new, and was so weird that the iPhone didn’t have this feature. When you reached the boiling point, they released it. Now you got it, what exactly do you do with your MMS messages? You craved for a feature that was old news and most definitely not a life changer. You were a puppet on a string for Apple.

The App Store on the other hand , is an unknown need that they were selling you. Before they released the apps store, you didn’t even know that you want such a feature. You were perfectly happy with the phone as you knew it. When the app store was here, it blew your mind and it changed the game for ever.

Basically they said, here is the phone that you didn’t know you want , and it will changed your life. They didn’t ask you, they told you. After a while, they said here is why you didn’t know  you want it, and why it will change your life. Just like a kidnapper or a drug dealer that sells drugs to kids. First they gave you the eye candy, then the pure drug. Steve Jobs lets nothing to faith. He is a visionary and a smart old fox.


This is actually a pretty valid reason. Actually a damn good one. But sorry, unlocking wasn’t invented for the iPhone. This is around since forever. Get over yourselves …


I believe this is a pure case of “demand and offer”. Basically both parties ( the appstore and cydia store ) are offering developers a service. And usually you have to pay in order to use a service. They are offering the platform that developers can use to sell their apps. Remind you of anything? Oh yeah, real life…

Why they are two stores you might ask? Well some apps are not accepted in the app store because they break a stupid rule, or developers prefer to sell their apps to the jailbreaking community only. We can take any educated guess here. To sum this one up: where there is a demand, the offer is right around the corner.


This sounds to me as a Mac vs PC BS war. I hate this shit, and i think that everybody who is involved in this war is a complete moron. But, to be honest it is easier to create tools for Mac and not for Windows. If you want to know why, just wiki search for the iPhone OS , Mac OS, Windows, Unix, what’s an exploit, how an exploit works etc ( there is a lot to read here ). Or maybe , they just don’t want to create a tool for Windows.

I know i didn’t deliver at this point ( or i was soooo vague ) , but this is really stupid and i want to move on as fast as i can.


This is basically ” i am a lazy fuck ” reason  . They wanted to make complex jailbreaks, not the 1 click GeoHot kind. Im sorry, but did you get a nosebleed from the complexity of clicking 6 buttons instead of 1? And , with all the respect to GeoHot, PwnageTool kicks blackra1n’s ass. If you don’t know why, i won’t bother explaining it to you. It might be too complex.


How old are you 15-16-17? Maybe 19? Im guessing you are old enough to understand the meaning of “passion” . Well no, not like your passion for playstation and a fast jerk off. This is something deeper than that, and it’s too old school for you . You say hacker, like you coined the term but based on your words, you have no clue what a hacker is. A true hacker’s goal is never your money. It is pride, and he ( or she why not? ) wants to prove to himself that he can do it ( what ever his after ).


Kid, slow down… you’re a moron and it seems that you’re a leech too. Don’t confuse a hacker with a cracker. I absolutely love your guts to speak out. I truly do, no diss. But before you speak, make sure you know what you’re talking about. And even if you were spot on with this theory, i would still “kill” you for being a leech. You don’t deserve to use the internet. The internet should be a  privilege for you, and i sure hope that you will need a diploma in the future to use it.

Now , i think this explains why the DevTeam is not working for Apple. However, i don’t guarantee it. I really think that Apple is too proud to hire such guys, but even if they were working for Apple, why do you bitch about it? Last time i checked we, the users, had only benefits from jailbreaking our iDevices.

Now the harsh words in this post, are clearly addressed to whomever wrote the thread. He/she got something there, but most definitely he is full of it, and over his head. I’m also sure, some of you will be offended by this article as well. What can i say, let the hate comments/emails roll…