‘Clear’ Gets Updated With Full iOS 7 Support. Now An Universal App ( iPhone and iPad )


RealMac Software, have dropped today a brand new version of the super popular to-do app, Clear. The new version brings full iOS 7 support and also comes as an universal app. That’s right, now Clear is available for all iOS devices and OS X.

iPad Features

iPad List Peek – If you ever need to quickly check that a task is already on a list, Clear for iOS 7 allows you to pull down on a list with two fingers to reveal its tasks.

Moving Items between Lists – Clear for iOS 7 brings another frequently-requested feature to the iPad: the ability to move items between lists. Just tap and hold as if you’re re-arranging the list, and drag the task to another list!

More Than Just iPad

Clear for iOS 7 is more than just an iPad version though: we’ve carefully refined every aspect of the app for both iPad and iPhone to take advantage of iOS 7’s new features:

Dynamic Text – One of the big new text features in iOS 7 is the ability to adjust the device-wide text size, and along with some typographical refinements Clear uses this Dynamic Text feature to ensure your lists follow your chosen text size.

Dynamics and Physics – We’ve re-tuned the gestures to use iOS 7’s new physics and elasticity APIs – meaning it’s even more satisfying to complete tasks. We’ve also added subtle parallax and springs to the prompts and alerts you’ll see in Clear, enhancing the sense of depth that iOS 7 is built upon.

Extra Context – Clear for iOS 7 now displays the name of your list on the iPhone, to give you extra context about the list you’re viewing.

As you’d expect, Clear for iOS 7 uses iCloud to store your lists and syncs your tasks with Clear for Mac. If you’re an existing Clear for iPhone user, your tasks will also sync to Clear for iOS 7 too. Whilst we’ve now removed Clear for iPhone from sale, it too is compatible with iOS 7 – and existing customers can continue to download the app via the Purchases tab of the App Store.

It wouldn’t be a new Clear release without some new themes, so Clear for iOS 7 includes some stunning new themes designed to complement the latest iPhone hardware.

Clear is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) for $2.99 on the app store. Clear is also available for OS X on the Mac app store