I’m All City Like Graffiti: The Street Art iPhone App

We rarely cover app store apps, because there are hundreds of blogs and second-hand blogs doing that already. But when we do cover an app we try to separate Kings from Toys. Introducing: All City – the street art iPhone app.

All City is pretty much the graffiti wikipedia, allowing you to pull up pieces close to your location, upload photos, enter new information and tag works that you discover on your travels or explorations.


  • GPS locates street art pieces and spots nearby
  • Search and filter by rating, location, artist or recent uploads
  • In-app web resources provide additional artist info
  • Locate and contact galleries and shops


  • Upload and tag images of street art anywhere in the world
  • Rate images and share your comments
  • Keep the database fresh – report buffed art or edit incorrect info


  • Navigate new areas and explore the best art abroad
  • See what local users are uploading
  • Share your finds via email and Twitter

You can find ‘All City’ in the app store for $1.99