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Check Out The Top 10 hidden features of iOS 8 [video]


During its iOS 8 unveiling yesterday, Apple went into detail about its new mobile operating system but, obviously, they didn’t talk about all the features that comes with its new mobile operating system. Some features that weren’t discussed yesterday and, are not that obvious at a first glance are battery usage per app, panoramic photo feature for iPad, time-laps videos and more. Dom, at 9to5Mac, put together a 10 hidden features in iOS 8 list and they are as follows:

  • Customize/Rearrange iOS 8 share sheets
  • Self-timer in Camera app
  • Time-Lapse videos
  • New accessibility zoom features
  • Grayscale
  • Request desktop site in Safari
  • Siri with Shazam integration
  • Independent exposure and focus control in Camera app
  • Battery usage (percentage) per app
  • Auto-delete messages

Now, jump over the break to check out the video and see these features in action…