Check Out Peel’s Super Thin iPhone 6s Case


Let’s face it, we all want to put our beautiful iPhones in a case to protect them but most cases just bulk them up and takes away from the looks of the device. If that’s how you feel about cases too, today just might be your lucky day.

Peel is a case, but can you call it that when it’s just 0.35mm thick? Do you see the photo above ( or below )? It’s practically invisible. The case comes with no branding on it and it features a subtle lip to protect the camera lens.

Peel is available for $24.99 here, and comes in silver, gold, space rose gold and space grey.




peel-super-thin-iphone-case-2-FSMdotCOM peel-super-thin-iphone-case-3-FSMdotCOM

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