Check Out This 2013 Mac Pro Hackintosh Replica Based On An Actual Trashcan

a german user has created a Mac Pro hackintosh replica using an actual trashcan

mac-pro-replica-1-FSMdotCOMThe new Mac Pro, as powerful an beautiful as it is, looks like, let’s face it, as a trashcan ( or R2D2 or a Dalek ). Because of the strong resemblance, a german user has created a Mac Pro hackintosh replica using an actual trashcan, specifically the Authentics LUNAR ( which comes with a matching toilette brush ). The replica is nowhere near as powerful as Apple’s computer, the trashcan housing a Core i3 (Haswell), Gigabyte z87n wifi, Radeon 7750, SDD & HDD, ATX PSU. Nevertheless the result is spectacular.

Jump over the break to check out the project in greater detail…


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