This is How You Charge Your iPhone 7 and Listen to Headphones at the Same Time


With the iPhone 7, Apple removed the headphone jack and people are loosing their minds over it. In reality is not such a big deal but sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll need to charge your phone while listening to music. Of course, you can’t do that anymore unless you have some kind of dongle.

This is where Auxillite comes in.

The Auxillite concept is simple, functional and it’s the dongle that everybody saw coming the second Apple announced the jack-less iPhone 7.

You simply plug the Auxillite dongle into your iPhone 7’s lightning port and you can instantly charge your phone and listen to your music at the same time. And it also works with Android devices.

For more info on the Auxillite, check out the video below and the official project page on Kickstarter