Cerebro: Track Your iPhone Anywhere In The World

New day, new app in Cydia: Cerebro. Cerebro is developer Chris Alvares’s (now with Upscale River) creation which allows you to track your iPhone’s location from any internet enabled device along with a few other cool features.

My first impression of Cerebro was, well for one it works and it works well, and second, it’s highly customizable. Through their website you can customize a variety of settings such as GPS Interval and GPS Minimum Precision amongst other aspects of the app.

Of course due to battery consumption, Cerebro is set to retrieve your iPhones GPS location at intervals which you can change of course. I noticed that the default settings would probably be sufficient for the average user as well as for optimal battery performance so I left them as is.

One other feature of Cerebro which I thought was pretty neat was the Sonar feature. It allows you to remotely start up the iPod app and play a random song, which makes this the perfect iPhone retriever if you ever loose it, because even if your iPhone’s set to vibrate you can still follow the music. All in all, this is a must have for all iPhone users, as it could certainly come in handy. You can find the app in Cydia, via BigBoss repo.

article written by ecgta3