CallTell For iPhone 3Gs And iPhone 4: Know Who’s Calling You Before The Phone Rings

New day, new app in Cydia: CallTell. CallTell is the next advancement in iPhone communications. Using this tweak, you can find out who’s calling you before looking at your phone.

CallTell announces who’s calling you before your iPhone rings, and it also works for text messages. You can even have CallTell to read the text message out loud as well. You can enable/disable via the CallTell page, in

NOTE: This add-on takes its volume from the mediaplayer volume, so turn up iPod volume if you are having issues.

NOTE: This add-on will not create any new icons on your homescreen. It can be configured from

NOTE: This add-on will ONLY work with iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

You can buy CallTell from Cydia via BigBoss repo for $1.99