If You Are Using Blackra1n For A Tethered Jailbreak, DO NOT Update Your iTunes To 9.1

[image credits: iH8sn0w]

Apple just released iTunes 9.1, and we told you that everything seems to be working just fine BUT it kills blackra1n on Windows ( Mac users: even though, the tool seems to have no problems on Mac, no need to hurry with this update ). So, basically, if you are using blackra1n for a tethered jailbreak, DO NOT UPDATE! Everybody else can update without a problem.

We got a couple of mails telling us that after the update, the jailbroken iDevices were not recognized by the new version of iTunes. If this happens to you, re-install iTunes.

iH8sn0w is working on a fix that will solve blackra1n’s issues with the new version of iTunes, allowing everybody to update. It will be available in a few hours/tomorrow. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned…