BioLite CampStove: Burn Wood And Charge Your iPhone

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks — but the same axiom apparently isn’t true for the wood burning camp stove — the oldest camping gear dog of all. Like any other timber burnin’ stove, the BioLite CampStove is great for cooking, since there’s no risk of fire-starting chemicals flavoring your grub.

Lugging fuel isn’t an issue either, as long as pellets, sticks, pine cones, or other random flammable biomass are lying about. Unlike every other stove out there, however, the Biolite can convert heat energy from the fire into electric power for charging gadgets via USB.

How much power is generated isn’t directly shared, but BioLite says charge rates are similar to a laptop USB port. The complete kit also weighs a feathery 2 lbs and can pack down to 8.25 x 5″ (which is roughly the size of a Nalgene), making it suitable even for ultralight backpacking.