BigBoss: A Lot of Big Changes Coming to SBSettings for iOS5

A couple of week ago we told you that there was a new SBSettings update on BigBoss’ beta repo in Cydia, which came with support for iOS5. Today we get an official announcement from BigBoss about SBSettings and the changes that they’ll bring for iOS5.

I have a lot of big changes coming to SBSettings for iOS5. For those of you on iOS5 already that want to test it, I should be releasing daily beta updates for it.

Here are some features:

  • Notification center integration
  • Your choice of using the old style window or the notification center. Or both.
  • You choose which toggles to appear in notification and window sections.
  • Current sbsettings toggles should be supported. Current themes should work in notification area as well.
  • You get to choose what will show up in notification section. More button row, no more button row, the extra text, no extra text, the dock, the toggles, no toggles at all, or any combination of. The notification area is a limited screen resources so it’s up to you to decide how you want it used.

To get the new update, load Cydia and add the following source: