BackLiter: One-Touch Control Of Your iPhone’s Backlight Levels

New day, new app in Cydia Store: BackLiter. BackLiter is a new one-touch utility app for controlling your phone’s backlight levels. If you’re the hardcore iPhone user, you try to get everything you can out of your hardware. That means keeping your screen dim when you don’t need it bright, to save battery life.

But, what happens when you move outside, and the ambient light swamps your display? Or you’re in the car? And what happens, when you want to change the screen brightness quickly, and don’t want to spend the time or attention, to navigate multiple touches, and potentially a slider that’s difficult to control precisely, even when you’re sitting still?

BackLiter is a new tweak from Enscand, Inc. , and it’s the simplest, most efficient backlight control imaginable. You use your device Settings to preset two brightness levels ( one dim, one bright ). Then, when you run the app, with one touch, the app toggles your screen brightness between those two levels. The app tells you what it’s doing, and then closes itself. Literally one touch.

You can even set your preferences so that the app doesn’t even take the time to show you the message. It just starts, changes brightness, and quits. BackLiter’s change is temporary. When your phone’s springboard restarts, after unlocking your phon, your normal iPhone screen brightness levels will return.

BackLiter supports iPhone OS 3.0 through 4.0.1 and you can buy it from Cydia Store for $0.99 via BigBoss repo…