Backgrounder For iPhone, iPod and iPad Gets A New Update

New day, new beta update in Cydia: Backgrounder. The new update of this tweak that activates the backgrounded multitasking on all iDevices brings several new features :

  • added option to reset  settings to default values
  • added “minimize on toggle” option; disable to prevent current app from minimizing when enabling/disabling backgrounding
  • Fixed: in order to prevent blank enteries , modified the method used to determine which default overrides ( Phone, iPod, etc ) to set ( to test this , reset your preferences )
  • Fixed: iPad badge position. Badge origin is now relative to lower-left corner of icon, offset by ( -12, -21 ).
  • Mod: on iPad, prefs app now runs in iPad mode ( portrait only )

Remember that this update is still a beta, and it might not fully work as advertised. If you want to test it and report bugs you can do it by adding this repo: