What you can find today in cydia? Well it’s called AVPlayer, and it’s a multimedia player based on QuickTime. AVPlayer integrates with MobileFinder, so in order to make it work , you must first download AVPlayer and than MobileFinder. With this combination you will be able to access all the folders on your iPhone / iPod Touch and check the multimedia file you downloaded. Once you find the file you select “Modify” and then “Open with” and select AVPlayer. A good alternative is to combine this application directly to the following types of files: MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, AIF. For Link files, simply open MobileFinder and entered into Settings, scroll the screen to the bottom and click on “Tap to create a new association” then enter these strings:

• mp4:com.system.avplayer
• m4v:com.system.avplaye
• 3gp:com.system.avplayer
• mp3:com.system.avplayer
• aif:com.system.avplayer

Note : You must restart MobileFinder whenever you add a new association. Through associations, just click on the audio or video files that you have saved on your iPhone / Touch to view now playing. AVPlayer can be found in the Multimedia category through the repository BigBoss.