Of course you all know by now that the new Google Mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch was released. And it’s a great app , no doubt in my mind. But my main concern ( before this was released ) was if it will work properly for the rest of us. What do i mean by the rest of us? Well…. people whom live abroad, non north americans.

And the answer is not no, but more like , hmmm not really. Ok let me expand this matter. Ive updated the app, checked out the setting, everything was great so i was excited to give this baby a tryout. Because i was , like all of you out there, anxious to test this bad boy.

How many voice based searches will be needed to see if this app works with non north american accent? I said to myself 5 ; If it gets 3 out of 5 this app rocks. Well guess what? It got 2 out of 5… so its pretty decent but not really out there for us.

This is what ive searched for :

  • how tall is mount Everest : ( i actually did this twice ) i got – elcon mall denver and fucking hulk hogan . now how can i get hulk hogan when im asking about mount Everest
  • 22 degrees in Fahrenheit : guess what. i got this one right.
  • how far is paris from barcelona : i got – cole porter paris combo ( at least it got “paris” in the result )
  • how far is barcelona from paris : i got – hope ( well there is hope that one day this will work for me , or that my accent will go north american )
  • funky space monkey : YES!  got it right, and my blog was there on top being the king

Now, let me ask you something : did u listen to the sounds it makes when its processing your voice search? It sounds like a retarded alien. Just voice-search for something than when the app is processing your voice, put the phone to your ear and listen.

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Written by the same mathematician who wrote the HP-12C financial algorithms, Calc-12E marries that undisputed computational heritage with the unique features that make the iPhone the premier tool for business.

• The mathematical backbone of the 12C extended to 15 digits of precision (displays up to 13)
• Bond calculations performed with 15 digit precision
• “Always on” display of the financial registers or the stack. When in bond mode, shows settlement and maturity dates
• Tap to email results. AMORT produces an Excel compatible schedule that sums interest and principal to the penny (an industry first and only)
• Tap to access the FAQ page on the support site
• Tap to change date entry format or payment mode
• Click sound volume is adjustable without changing screens
• Backspace and UNDO
• Depreciation, linear regression, 2 variable statistics, date calculations, NPV and IRR
• 10 direct arithmetic registers, 20 total (always, they don’t get used for programming)
• lightening fast, never ever wait for “running”

The rock solid reliability of the HP-12C — transplanted from the 80s to the modern era

You can buy the app from itunes store for $24.99 here

Or you can download .ipa file here

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If you are wondering how yo crack iPhone apps, this is how you do it! Do you feel lucky punk?:P Crack some and share with us 😀

Note: All credits to Floydianslip for the modification of the XCrack script to allow special characters

Before you begin you will need these items:
SSH client Putty
SSH client WinSCP
DCrypt modified version of XCrack by Floydianslip



Current features:

  • Main backup window supporting 13 USB backups and 2 SSH backups
  • The ability to backup absolutely any folder/file as long as you know where it is
  • Permission changer for files or folders
  • Decrypt apple images
  • Put all devices (exc. iPod 2g) into recovery mode
  • Download any firmware
  • Download any version of iTunes back down to 7.4
  • One Click string editor
  • Autpupdater

  • Up and Coming features:

  • Convert the pwner to work with 2.1
  • Applicationd downloader and Auto Installer
  • Convert EVERYTHING to USB and remove SSH for good
  • Add in a full terminal (The terminal is already coded, but u want to save it for the first non-beta)