Audyssey Audio Dock For iPhone And iPod: High-Tech Audio In A Compact Speaker

With sci-fi looks (Battlestar Galactica fans might compare it to a Cylon) and sound design to match, the Audyssey Audio Dock reinvents standard dock set-ups, introducing a bold form factor and better acoustics. The system is the first consumer product from Audyssey, a Southern California company specializing in high-end audio solutions that you might’ve experienced in a Jaguar, home theater or while watching a Sanyo TV.

Their proprietary technology delivers accurate sound in a compact body, which means that in this new dock (which they call the South of Market Edition) the group of two four-inch woofers and two 3/4-inch tweeters pack a punch. Five different programs based on psychoacoustics and other research work together to make music sound rich or—if you’re using it for Skype or to make phone calls—voices sound clear.

Features designed for our wired world include Bluetooth capabilities for streaming music to the speakers, along with the 30-pin dock, mini jacks, built-in microphones (for speakerphone use) and a USB port. A remote controls all the features, with only one play/pause button keeping the dock itself simple. The SoMA comes out this November, but the young company plans to work with new industrial designers on future consumer products. Check their site and Facebook page for news, including retailers.

[via coolhunting]