Assistant Enhancer: Siri’s Got a Brand New Bag of Tricks


Im gonna get real with you for a second. Siri. She’s great right? Of corse she is. But lets not kid ourselves. While she is amazing at a lot of things, for whatever reason Apple has been a little bit of hard nosed father figure here. As a result, while she is very useful and knowledgeable with some things, girl just doesn’t get out much. Thankfully for us, Siri’s just met a hot new “bad boy” boyfriend to sneak her away and show her just how amazing she can be.

So… just who is this new guy? Assistant Enhancer.

Last night this exciting new tweak hit Cydia that promises to add a TON of new features that Apple for whatever reason hasn’t added natively yet. Some of these features include using Siri to control a music app other than the default one (*gasp*), the ability to search for local events like concerts and shows, and the ability to search a broader base of places like Amazon, eBay, Google Images, Urban Dictionary, and even the App Store, without just being dumped over to safari. In addition to that Siri will be able to remember where you parked your car, and directly open webpages (“Go to”). Finally, and I think the coolest part, Siri will now be able to do useful things like show you battery information, storage space, and even free your devices memory.

Sweet right? Well, as with most really useful tweaks, its not free. But, for $1.99, I believe it is well worth the price of admission. Check it out now on Cydia.