Aria Makes The Stock iOS 7 Music App Awesome [video]

maxresdefaultAria is a new Cydia tweak that, simply put, makes the stock iOS awesome. Aria brings new features, options and improvements, eliminating the need to look for 3rd party apps.

Aria allows you to queue songs, see all your albums in a grid view ( as opposed to list view ), brings a new ‘Now Playing’ interface that resambles the one in Apple’s iTunes Remote app for iOS 7, a new ‘Endless Playing’ feature which start a shuffled play after an album ends. Aria also brings an improved lyrics view and a bunch of UI improvements.

Aria comes with its own dedicated preference pane in where you can configure to your liking.

If you find yourself constantly using the on your iOS devices, you should definitely take a look at Aria. The tweak is available for $1.99 on Cydia via  BigBoss repo…

NOTE: video below is in French, but at least you get a visual demo of Aria