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iPTT: Free Push-To-Talk App For The iPhone And iPod Touch

Another day, another dollar… wait, scrap that. iPTT is available free of charge. No subscription, just the awesome oppurtunity to talk to your friends in real-time, nearby or overseas, without having to pay outrageous charges.

Developed by Circle Apps LLC, the app itself is very ‘radio-esque’ and even sounds like one too. the UI is simple to navigate, whilst pleasing on the eye. All you have to do is select the “channel “, from 0.0 to 20.0, touch & hold the big sphere in the middle, & talk.

Whilst you can obviously talk publicly to all those on the channel you have selected, there is also the option to “whisper” to a chosen individual on the same channel, allowing for a more intimate conversation.

The application has backgrounding features which allows you to listen in on the channel, even when the springboard is locked.Overall i highly recommend iPTT, even if you don’t like the UI (which i do!), just for the incredible service given.

You can download iPTT from the app store…