Apple’s AppStore on the WWW

Maybe some of you might knew about this, but i just found out about it. The Apple AppStore is finally on the web. The appstore itself it was a revolutionary release, changing the way users conception about finding and install applications for their mobile phones.

This online version of the App Store, which is clearly not sanctioned by Apple, runs on Google’s App Engine. As Amit Agarwal notes, Apple uses a rather cryptic XML format for delivering the pages in iTunes. However, the developers of the online App Store have found a way to decrypt these XML files and render them as regular HTML.

There are some limitations tho, because at one point or the other, you need to run iTunes in order to install an app. Given Apple’s litigious nature, we don’t know if this version of the App Store will be around for a very long time, but it’s a great resource if you just want to link to an app in the store, for example, without your users having to open the desktop iTunes app (which, after all, is not available on all operating systems).