Apple Updates iLife On OS X and iOS


During today’s keynote, Apple has announced a redesigned and refreshed iLife suite ( iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band ). The new iLife suite comes with new features for both iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks. iLife for both iOS and Mac is now available for free with the purchase of any new iMac or iOS device and they will be made available today.

iPhoto: the new version of iPhoto brings Photo Books to the iPad. The software will lay out the book, which you can choose to upload to Apple. Once uploaded, Apple will print out the coffee table book and mail it to your home.

iMovie: has been redesigned for iOS 7 with a cleaner and simpler design. With the new version of iMovie, Apple brings  “desktop-class effects” on both iPhone and iPad. On the Mac, iMovie also has a new design which makes browsing a library easier and by taking advantage of the 120fps video capabilities of the iPhone 5s, it’s now easier to speed up or slow down a video. The new version of iMovie also introduces a new feature called iMovie Theater which allows you to watch all of your videos on any device — iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, whatever — so long as your movies are stored in iCloud.

Garage Band: Apple has revamped Garage Band with a new look for iOS 7 and users can now do up to 32 tracks of music on their iPhone or iPad ( 64-bit device required ). Garage Band has also been updated for OS X, adding the ability to create a drummer track. The new feature allows users to increase the energy and complexity of an automated drum track, while also changing the kit or adding more drum fills.The new drummer feature is powered by some of the best session musicians in the world, Apple said. Different sounds and styles can be tested by choosing different virtual drumming personalities. More drummers and instruments can be added through in-app purchases.