Apple Removes All Video Calls Files From The Latest Beta SDK Release

Last month we reported that iPad SDK 3.2 Beta 3 adds support for front facing camera, camera flash, zoom and video conferencing. According to our readers, and confirmed by our developer friends, the new SDK beta 4 completely removes any trace of video calls.

Apple removed all the images associated with video calls and also there’s no trace of video calls in .plist files. In one hand we got all the hints found in the previous beta SDK releases, and also last week’s O2 *error*. On the other hand, we can assume two things: either that Apple removed this files intentionally, or there was just a mistake in the previous beta SDK releases.

Somehow it is hard to believe that all the images and .plist files associated with video calls were just a mistake in the previous SDK releases, just like it is hard to believe that video calls, posted in the updated iPhone plans by O2 last week, was a typo.

Well, all we can do is wait and see what Santa Jobs will bring us in June/July….