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Apple Adding An ‘Explicit’ Category To The App Store

In the past few days, Apple blocked a few ‘overtly sexual’ apps from app store. You know, the same old story. The app was accepted, then they realized that you can see an ankle somewhere.

While this actions are welcomed by some puritans, others believe that Steve Jobs conspires with the Vatican and they are claiming Apple is being hypocritical for allowing Playboy and Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue to remain on the App Store, while similar (and, in some cases, even less “overtly sexual”) apps are being banned.

Well it seems that Apple is adding an ‘Explicit’ category to the app store, and the prove – for non-developers – is the screenshot above. You can select the category while adding an app in iTunes Connect, but that is it. As far as the app store goes, there is no trail of ‘explicit’ behavior at the moment.

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