Apple Drops Safari 6 With Smart Search Field, Offline Reading List And More…

Today, alongside OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has also released Safari 6 which brings omnibar, offline reading list, do not track and more…

It’s probably safe to say that the biggest visible change to the new Safari is the ‘Smart Search Field’ ( Omnibar ). If you ever used Google Chrome, you need no introduction to the omnibar. If you didn’t, the omibar combines the URL bar with the Search bar allowing for a much cleaner look. This feature alone makes it worth to update.

Other features included in the new update :

  • Pinch to see tabs with Tab View and swipe to switch between them.
  • iCloud Tabs makes the last websites you looked at accessible on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Offline Reading List saves full webpages for reading later when you don’t have an internet connection
  • Do Not Track – for enhanced web privacy
  • Password Pane management tool for web logins
  • Baidu search for Chinese users
  • fixes and performance enhancements

If you didn’t update to Mac OS X Mountain Lion yet, or you’re not planning to update in the near future, at least update your Safari browser. You can do it via the  Apple menu.