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App Ads: Series Of Phygital Concept Print Ads To Encourage Out Of Home Downloads Of iOS Apps

App ads are a series of phygital (physical meets digital) concept print ads that encourage out of home downloads of iPhone applications. When scanned with a barcode reader the image directs people straight to the apps itunes download page.

This allows apps like Shazam to invite users to download while at outdoor music festivals; in order to find out, and download exactly whats playing there and then.

Alternatively Instagram can speak to more traditional photographers via printed adverts in photography magazines, or even encourage downloads at festivals, or other highly photographed events.

Even persuade commuters to download the most recent Angry birds game while sat bored on the train or whilst waiting for a delayed flight.

We have to say that this is a cool idea since, about a month ago or so, we did something similar for our Twitter and Facebook page display picture.