Animated Weather Widget For Your LockScreen [video]

One of the main features that iOS lacks is the ability to set widgets that display the weather for your region, Twitter feed or the dreaded Facebook feed. There are many tweaks and themes that offer this functionality and while some of them are rather hideous, there are a few gems out there. One such gem is Native Weather Widget…

Currently in the second beta version this does exactly what the title says. It displays an animated weather widget on the LockScreen of your iPhone or iPod Touch like all the others but instead of the standard setup procedure involving finding your city code and editing through iFile or SSH, the widget pulls your location-based weather info through the use of WeatherIcon and the native weather app.
You can download the widget from iDeviceDaily as the package is currently unavailable on Cydia. Another plus to this is the fact that it will be offered free of charge and will be pushed out as a standard for all themes to use freely in their themes, paid or not, as long as credit is given where credit is due.

NOTE: The images theme images above have been slightly altered by myself.