An “Exceptionally Future-Proof” Mac Pro 2 [concept]

Four years ago, at WWDC 2013, Apple surprised the world when it previewed the new cylindrical Mac Pro.

Because of its shape, it was soon ridiculed as someone made a Mac Pro Hackintosh replica out of an actual trashcan. Last year, a crowdfunding campaign was put in place for a Mac Pro inspired case for custom PC Builders. Needless to say that the funding was unsuccessful.

The problem with the Mac Pro is not its shape. The problem is that it’s Apple most powerful computer, it wasn’t updated in 4 years, it’s kind of a joke, and they still sell it for the same price they did when it first came out.

It’s time for an update. And if Apple is lacking ideas on how to update the Mac Pro they can take a few hints from this beautiful concept created by Pascal Eggert.

Jump over the break to check out the concept in greater detail…