AirSelfie: Pocket-Sized Flying Drone for Smartphones

Selfie sticks are getting old. It’s time for some new ways to take selfies. Thats why masterminds from London, Milano and Shanghai  got together to create the perfect device: AirSelfie – the world’s smallest portable drone camera.

The AirSelfie measures 3.72 x 2.65 centimeters and weighs just 52 grams, it incorporates a 5MP camera and it is capable of flying up to 20 meters.

The portable drone has its own 2.4GHz WiFi network so the photos can automatically sync with your iOS or Android devices.

AirSelfie also comes with a case, that’s also a phone case and the case will not only protect the drone and your phone but will also charge the AirSelfie.

The companion AirSelfie app gives you three different modes ( Selfie Mode, Selfie Motion Control Mode and Flying Mode ), meaning that your phone can act as a controller and virtual joystick.

The AirSelfie is available for pre-order for a discounted lunch price.