Most Advanced Mobile Spell Checker for iPhone

Former Blackberry users rejoice: AutoText is now available, along with the world’s most advanced mobile spell checker!

EasyWriter Pro helps you write emails faster and more accurately:

  • Check spelling to ensure your emails are professional.
  • Type faster using the wide keyboard in landscape mode.
  • More text and less typing with your own text clippings (snippets), either from a list or using Blackberry-style AutoText.
  • Choose contacts with a single tap from your list of Email Favorites.

You can use EasyWriter both for new emails and forwards/replies (see below) while holding your iPhone sideways (or any orientation). Touchtype or watch text as you type, in a text size that is comfortable for you.

Use Pinch and Zoom to adjust the text size. Your message will never get lost because of an incoming call or text message, because EasyWriter keeps your text safe and secure.


  • The most advanced mobile spell check available.
  • Wide keyboard increases your speed and accuracy.
  • Text clips save time and help you write professional emails quickly.
  • Use text clips to choose from multiple signatures.
  • Favorites give you fast access to your frequently mailed contacts
  • Text is always saved even during interruptions or power loss.
  • Maximizes vertical space in landscape mode.
  • Reduce font size by Pinching to show more text.
  • Increase font size by Zooming to see text more easily.
  • Supports “&” and international characters sets (é,ß,ç,ø,ñ,ô and more)


  • To reply to a message or forward it:
  • Start in Mail and initiate the Reply/Forward.
  • Click the Home button.
  • Open EasyWriter Pro and enter your message.
  • Press “Send to Mail” and the text you entered will appear in the message you initiated in Mail.

Buy this from appstore for $2.99 here

Download .ipa file from rapidshare and megauplaod