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ActiveDock: Mountain Lions Live Dock, On Your iPhone!


If you’re a Mac user, you know the iconic look and feel of the dock. Personally, it’s one of my favorite things about OSX. As cool as it is, it’s always really shocked me how little attention apple seems to have paid to the dock in iOS. Don’t get me wrong, we have come a long way from that ugly drawer looking thing of yesteryear. But it’s still really lacking next to its OSX cousin.

Enter ActiveDock. A brand new paid tweak in Cydia that brings Mountain Lion’s (OSX 10.8) dock experience to the iPhone. This is a 100% visual tweak that adds no real usefulness to your device, but it’s quite pretty, and really fun.

Unlike many attempts to “skin in” OSX’s docking system in the past, this is a fully working active solution that copies everything from the little running light under the app (that actually works) to a fully customizable “jumping” action for the icons when they are launched or have a new notification.

This tweak is available now in Cydia for $1.99…