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A5 Chip Benchmarks Show Graphic Performance Increase

The folks over at Anandtech have performed a set of GLBenchmark tests, which end up showing how much faster the A5’s GPU is compared to the A4, at least with respect to the graphics performance. Although the results may not be exact since Apple may possibly under clock the new iPhone’s CPU compared to the iPad 2, the results should be somewhat representative of what is to come.

The A5 chip is exactly one of the main reasons that the iPad 2 hasn’t seen much jailbreak opportunities. Aside from Comex’s JailbreakMe 3.0, many of the current jailbreak utilities do not support the iPad 2. It has been said that a jailbreak is prepared for the A5 chip and is expected to be released shortly after the release of the next generation iOS devices. Hopefully this is the case so those of us who are upgrading won’t have to wait long to get our jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Information regarding the specifications of the new iOS devices and more should be revealed on Tuesday at Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event so be sure to stay tuned.