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PDF Loading Warner: Patch For PDF Exploit Updated Again

By installing this patch, you will be asked anytime you want to open a .pdf file, if you really want to open it. If you downloaded the file from a trusted source, you can tap on ‘Load’ . Otherwise, tap on ‘Cancel’. The new release brings us to v1.2

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PDF Loading Warner Updated To Fix And iBooks Issues

Since Apple is using .pdf files in the the patch was always asking if we want to load or cancel the .pdf when was loaded.The new update will fix this issue and also the same issue with iBooks. We strongly recommend everybody to install this patch.

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MuscleNerd: Evolution of iPhone Baseband and Unlocks [video]

Since the first iPhone in 2007, the baseband that Apple uses for cellular communications has evolved in terms of both hardware and software. Some of the changes were minor but others were quite drastic and obviously aimed at deterring carrier unlocks.