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iPhoDroid For Windows Delayed

A couple of days ago we told you that iPhoDroid is finally coming to Windows and that it will be released, well… today. But, that was just an ETA, and the released was delayed. Sergio Mcfly, the dev of iPhDroid, explains why

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Alien Dalvik 2.0 Lets You Run Android Apps on iPad

First, you could dual-boot iOS and Android OS on your iPhones thanks to people like PlanetBeing, Sergio McFly ( iPhodroid ) and all the guys behind the iDroid Project. Now, thanks to developers @ Myriad, Android apps can run on Apple’s iPad via Alien Dalvik v2.0 which they announced as part of the company’s push for Android software on tablets, TVs, in-care infotainment and more.

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MagicLocker: Get The iPhone Lockscreen on Your Android Device

As you might know, Android OS was successfully ported to the iPhone. It all started with Planetbeing about a year and some change ago and continued with iPhoDroid and Bootlace. Thanks to all this guys, we can have a dual-boot iPhone ( iOS and Android OS ) in minutes. But, what about Android users?