📅 January 19, 2011

iPhoDroid R14 To Be Released This Month. Added ‘Full Reset’ Feature For The iPhone

Sergio McFly is back and he is about to release iPhoDroid r14, which comes with a ‘Full Reset’ feature that will completely erase your iPhone. Using this feature your device will be formatted and you will loose all your data and residue data, which is probably a good idea.

📅 August 08, 2010

iPhoDroid 1Shot: Fastest Way Yet To Install Android Froyo 2.2 On Your iPhone 3G [video]

Amazing progress has been made over the new version of iPhoDroid 0.6 R13 1Shot. You can also notice that now we get that iPhoDroid 1Shot also brings WiFi connection, which was missing from the previous releases.

📅 May 24, 2010

HOW TO: Use iPhoDroid To Install Android OS On Your iPhone [video]

Yesterday we told you about iPhoDroid , an easy automated way to install Android OS on your iPhone. We got a lot of emails about the app, so we decided to do a video tutorial.