Dune Case: A Mac Pro Inspired Case for Custom PC Builders [video]

Dune Case is designed to inspire innovation and imagination for custom PC builders ready to think outside the box.


Apple surprised the world when it previewed the new cylindrical Mac Pro at WWDC 2013. Since then we’ve seen a Mac Pro Mackintosh replica that was based on an actual trashcan, and now it’s time to meet the Dune Case, a Mac Pro inspired case for custom PC builders.

The Dune Case is a sleek and stylish alternative to the traditional desktop PC cases and just like the Mac Pro comes with a cylindrical form factor that promotes natural airflow while providing freedom and flexibility to customize configurations.

It’s made out of high-grade aluminum and while smaller than the average PC case it’s big in customization potential, supporting mini-ITX components including 2xSSD, ultrafast RAM, the fasters i7 CPU, graphics cards, I/O connections ( x4 USB 3.0, x1 headphone port, x1 Mic port, x2 HDMI, Ethernet ) and cables.


The case comes with a 1 year warranty, weighs 2.6 KG ( ~5.73 pounds ) and it’s available in metallic black and gold.

For more info about the Dune Case check out the video below and the official project page on Kickstarter.

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