4000 iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Cracked (.ipa)

Yesterday you could find on FSMdotCOM a post called Top 3 Sites To Download Cracked .ipa Files for iPhone and iPod Touch. You came up with some other wicked sites for cracked apps in the comments, like “filestube” which i use all the time to search rapidshare. Wicked.

But i wasn’t aware that there was something in Cydia , that offers us 4000 apps  already cracked and ready to install.The programm “Mega” allows you to download ANY of more than 4000 applications (total cost at about $12.000) absolutely for free (read the list of apps available here ) .At first look , this was amazing. Looking at it again, i really have a problem with it. I will tell you why in a minute.


  • start CYDIA
  • choose MANAGE from menu
  • choose SOURCE, touch button EDIT
  • button ADD will appear, touch it
  • enter http://mega4i.com/repo/
  • touch ADD SOURCE
  • touch DONE
  • then install MEGA (touch Mega Installer)
  • re-boot iPhone
  • Start Mega (icon of appstore with “free” across it), touch button Sign in and you can download ANY 10 programms FREE.

Everything is great, its working great and it would look something like this :

So , everything is great right? Well , not really! Did you read the last bullet point in the list above? It says : ” …Sign in and you can download ANY 10 programms FREE.” So just by downloading and installing this app from cydia, you will be able to download only 10 apps from the 4000 available.

If you want to have full access … well, now it gets interesting : you will have to pay.They call it “cost of membership” and you will have to pay :

  • $9.99 per 1 month
  • $23.99 per 3 months
  • $41.99 per 6 months

I have a problem with this. But i wont tell you my problem, because some might think i am a hypocrit. But if anybody from “Mega” is reading this post, i really suggest you try other methods of monetization .But despite the “cost of membership” , this is another way that you can download cracked .ipa files for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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