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3G Unrestrictor Updated For iOS 7 and iPhone 5s, iPad Air And iPad Mini With Retina [video]


Many things like FaceTime, High Quality YouTube videos and large App Store downloads only work on WiFi and not on 3G or LTE. 3G Unrestrictor fixes this and allows you to go around those restrictions to do all those things while you are on a mobile internet connection. It allows those things by tricking applications into believing they are on WiFi, even though they are on 3G or LTE.

The all new 3G Unrestrictor was redesigned for iOS 7 and it’s now suitable for all devices running iOS 7, including the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display running the all new 64 bit Architecture.

3G Unrestrictor is available for $3.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…