These 3 Apps Will Assure Your iOS Devices Are Running Efficiently


Taking care of your iPhones and iPads might seem like a simple job, probably they don’t need any sort of maintenance, but that’s not always the case.

Here’s a 3-apps pack, with family licenses for all 3 apps, that will assure the whole family’s iOS devices are running efficiently.

The pack contains AnyTrans which allows you to consolidate and easily manage content across multiple iOS devices ; PhoneClean – keeps your iOS device running like new with automated cleanups ; and PhoneRescue which recovers your lost data directly to your device and fixes iOS crashes.


Consider AnyTrans your all-in-one iOS content manager, designed to streamline access to files spread out across your different Apple devices. No more scrambling to find specific files scattered amongst your iPhone and iPad–AnyTrans consolidates access to all your content, ensuring you’ll spend less time culling through it and more time putting it to use.

  • Easily control all your files on iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Quickly transfer music between devices, manage playlists, & more
  • Organize your photo library to quickly manage, view, & share pictures
  • Make any video-Retina-configured or otherwise-playable on the device of your choice
  • Consolidate & manage all your personal data: contacts, call history, etc.
  • Clone content from old devices to new ones
  • Merge data between devices without signing in & out of multiple Apple IDs
  • Navigate all your iCloud content quickly


PhoneClean is the premier program for ensuring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch work as efficiently as possible. It works silently in the background, eliminating unwanted junk from your device and minimizing the time you spend troubleshooting performance issues. From eliminating your browsing history to regularly clearing out unwanted junk, this app works to cleans house on your device so that you waste less time doing so yourself.

  • Free up space on & speed up your iOS device
  • Automatically clean your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on a daily basis
  • Protect your privacy: eliminate sensitive data from your iMessages & more
  • Use the System Clean tool to clear out accumulated iOS system junk
  • Hide your data as you surf the Web to ensure optimal privacy
  • Enjoy having PhoneClean seamlessly work in the background
  • Access all of PhoneClean’s utilities in one place


PhoneRescue is an all-inclusive iOS data recovery software designed for retrieving your mistakenly deleted or lost photos, messages, contacts and more on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It can recover your most important personal data directly to iPhone, or quickly pinpoints precisely what you lost in iTunes or iCloud backup. Best yet, PhoneRescue can fully repair an iPhone from any system crash, without losing a single byte of data.

  • Recover as many as 25 types of daily used data; including photos, messages, contacts, notes, & more
  • Navigate & extract any piece of needed information from iTunes & iCloud backup without a full restore
  • Fix any iOS system upgrade failure, from being stuck on the white apple logo to a black screen, without losing current data

Get the iPhone Family Pack for only $23.99 ( retail price $169 ) here.