1-Bit Camera for iPhone

With 1-BIT CAMERA you can see and record your world in one bit clarity, processed with dithering algorithms pioneered by Bill Atkinson and Bryce Bayer. Those are only fancy names, of course – but! – you have probably laid eyes on their immortalized legacy as per the awe-inspiring imaging seen on 1980s desktop publishing computers and on 8-bit handheld camera accessories, respectively.

Pro-gear spec:

  • 1-bit dynamic range
  • More than 150 kilopixels
  • Atkinson and Bayer dithering algorithms
  • Tumble, tweet and share your bits on social networks

1-Bit Camera is available for $0.99 in the app store… ( it’ll probably be the best dollar you spend today, and it’s a perfect companion for the iOS ’86 theme )