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Weighing even less than a Macbook Air, having only one USB C port, and coming with a totally redesigned keyboard, battery, and trackpad – it’s time for the teardown of the new MacBook.

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At today’s event, Apple officially released the Apple Watch but the most interesting announcement was not the watch but the first fanless MacBook.

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Apple has introduced today a refresh for its Macbook Air line. They feature the same chassis as their predecessors, and come in both 11.6 and 13.3-inch models as before. But the new line of MacBook Air is using Intel’s Haswell processors which will drastically improve the battery live and also promise  to boost the integrated graphics performance.

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At WWDC 2012, Apple has introduced the radical new MacBook Pro. With breakthrough performance, stunning Retina display and an impossibly thin design, it’s innovation in every dimension.

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The online Apple store is down. Pretty unusual for a Tuesday , but since the MacWorld 2010 – 25th annual gathering of Mac users – opens today, maybe Apple wants to let us pre-order the iPad or introduce a new line of MacBook Pro’s with fast i5 or i7 processors and maybe built-in 3G. Let’s see…