Flow: Red Bull Introduces New Social Media Platform for Skaters and BMX Riders


Red Bull further asserts itself as a powerhouse in the action sports scene by introducing its “Flow” app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. Realizing the rise of mobile cameras as a medium for trick documentation, the app is targeted at skaters and BMX riders looking to create a flow of content.

The app lets you create your own ‘flow’ of tricks as you amount them, creating a perpetually growing montage. Through tags, the app also allows users to categorize their tricks, putting them in a global continuum of kickflips, bluntslides, tailwhips, and other maneuvers.

This seems like a great way to eliminate the myriads of 1-trick garage kickflips on YouTube, but the mind wonders if the intended audience will adapt.

Check out the app for iOS or Android NOTE: currently available only in the UK


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